Yay Monday! Since the days have been flying by, I am trying to enjoy each day for what it is! I find that if I focus on one day at a time, life is a little more enjoyable. (I know, easier said than done!)

Today I am bringing you all a really fun look! It’s not every day you see someone walking down the street wearing electric blue pants & a full on fur coat, but hey. I can’ tell you how many people looked at me like I had 75 heads while we were shooting — they just don’t understand!

This is a true winter look, though I am excited to try the pants out in Spring with a light top. Since we only have a few weeks of winter left, I definitely wanted to introduce this outfit to you all asap!

The electric blue pants I am wearing I got from Forever 21 in store. They are so soft and stretchy, I truly love the feel of the material. I paired a simple white turtleneck with them since I had a really fabulous coat over it. On my feet are my platform booties from H&M! They are the highest heels that I own and they are a must for this outfit, since I am short and pants tend to run long on me.


As for my hair and makeup, I did a simple slicked back bun with statement earrings and my go-to going out makeup. The statement earrings on the fur are borderline a little much, but depending on where you are going, it could totally work!

I know I told you all that I usually do one statement piece per outfit, but I broke all my rules here. I currently have three statement pieces—the pants, the fur coat and the earrings. The more comfortable you are with fashion, dressing yourself to your own style and the pieces you have in your wardrobe, the easier it is to take fashion risks. This look happens to be a bit out there, but its something I would be totally comfortable wearing to the perfect event!

I am definitely feeling bad & (blue)jee in this outfit.



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