Thursday Going on Saturday


Is it just me or are the weeks FLYING by?! As I am writing this post, it is currently March 1 and 60 degrees out, I cannot believe it! I am so ready for the summer air, I hope that the temperatures are here to stay.

Since the weeks are flying by, so are the days. That’s why, I am featuring quite the “going out” look on this Thursday, because Saturday will be here before you know it.

I LOVE this look. I feel like it’s so classic me—there’s fur involved, as well as mauve tones plus a little black and tan. Honestly, this is the quintessential “me” look if I were to have one, and I am sure my family and friends would agree.


Now, I haven’t pulled this vest out since November, because it’s been too darn cold. However, with the temps warming up, I feel that it’s finally appropriate to show this fur vest the light of day again! Oh, how I missed it so much. I paired it with my mock neck black sweater (which if you follow my blog, you’ve definitely seen before). This outfit is also featuring a brand new skirt I got from Forever 21, it has the most subtle stripes in the fabric and it is a beautiful mauve color. Under the skirt are a pair of black tights, and on my feet are my go-to tan pointed toe booties. It’s not that warm yet that I am willing to go tightless and ditch booties for sandals, but we are well on our way (yay!)


This summer will be the first summer since getting serious about posting on my blog, and I honestly cannot wait. I love summer wardrobes and have SO many dresses and sandals that I can’t wait to feature on here.

Yet another in-between-the-seasons post from me but hey, I am a New Englander, I have to adapt!

What are you planning to wear this weekend?





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