Hidden Gems

IMG_8019Happy Sunday, everyone! Today I am writing about how and where to find the best pieces, that fit your style and wardrobe!

The idea for this blog post came to mind, because in the picture above, I am wearing a $4 sweater that I found at the place my grandma lives! It goes to show that you don’t have to be looking in the trendiest place to find such a gem. This sweater probably has a story that I may or may not want to know about, but the fact that it is mine now is so cool to me!

When I spotted the sweater, I was immediately intrigued by the pearls lining the back. Then I realized hey, this is really nice quality, it’s nice and heavy for winter time and there is not even a little spot or stain on it! Back in its day I am guessing it probably ran for $30, but for me, it was only $4!

When going to take these photos, I took a look at my other pieces and figured out how I could make this somewhat preppy sweater my style. I decided to pair it with a trusty pair of black jeans and my new clunky black booties. On someone else, this sweater could have looked completely different, and be paired with other pieces, but for me, I made a hidden gem work into my style.

The point of this post is, you don’t have to go to big name brand stores to find quality stuff — and you don’t have to buy off the mannequin to ensure that your outfit “goes”. My suggestion would be to find your style and worry about the individual pieces later. If you like a piece, you’ll figure out a way to work it into your wardrobe.  




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