It’s Been Really Cold…How I Keep Up!

It’s officially FREEZING! Here in CT, we are dealing with temperatures that feel like -6 degrees and sometimes colder. I know people from other parts of New England that are dealing with temperatures as low as -30 degrees with windchill (S/O to my brother & his girlfriend who are SO COLD in Vermont!)

Though its cold, I have been trying to keep up with my style because …isn’t beauty pain or something? Either way, I like to dress for winter, so I don’t let the cold temperatures stop me. My theory? Anything you wear, you can always throw a huge coat over and then you’re probably wearing more layers than anyone else anyways.

I am breaking down three looks for you that I’ve worn over the past week — what I am wearing and how I stood the cold in them. Let’s get going!

Vogue sweatshirt + cute skirt 


I got this sweatshirt for Christmas, along with the skirt and the boots and had been dying to put the three pieces together. Underneath, I wore a shirt and tucked it into my skirt to add layers and threw a pair of tights under the skirt (duh). The tights are actually sweater material, so although my legs were cold walking around Newport, they could have been worse. Under the boots were a trusty pair of fuzzy socks. (Not pictured, my full length black winter coat!). I loved this look and was not too cold in it. Plus, when I got into a restaurant or a coffee shop, I was able to take off the huge coat and was wearing this adorable outfit underneath!

denim on denim


For a long time denim on denim was seen as a fashion faux, but I think now it can look really cute, if done right. My boyfriend got me this super cute oversized denim jacket for Christmas (I may have dropped a few hints, aka sent him the link to it on Forever 21), and I love it SO much! I actually cannot wait until Spring and Fall so that I can really rock this baby without having to put a huge coat on top of it. The jeans are my go-to American Eagle jeans that ACTUALLY feel like jeans, believe it or not. The last time I went jean shopping, I couldn’t believe the amount of “jeans” that were actually jeggings because they were so thin and not jean-like. Call me crazy but I like a good, quality, thick pair of jeans, especially in these temperatures. I wore my metallic platform slide on shoes with the denim because I thought they would stand out nicely. On my head is my fave beanie that I got in a goodie bag at StyleWeek NE! Again, not pictured is my huge full length jacket (aka the secret to staying warm but still looking cute).

brown + white


I have always loved brown and white pieces together so this look definitely showcases the two going hand in hand. I heard that Pom Pom hats were all the buzz, so I got one for Christmas and today was my first time wearing it out! I was iffy about it at first because it was floppy near the pom pom so I didn’t like it. However, I ended up cutting the stitching that the fold was holding on to and made my own fold! After that, I fell in love with the hat. I paired again, my fave cold weather jeans, a cozy guess turtleneck sweater and my Calvin Klein all purpose weather jacket. On my feet are cute booties that are good for everyday wear! These booties and the shoes from my outfit above are both from Macy’s BackStage, which I highly recommend to go to if you have not been there yet. 

How do you stay warm + cute at the same time? Which look was your favorite? Comment below! 



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