What to Wear: Holiday Edition

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to…have a really good outfit! …I hope you all just enjoyed my ‘Elf’ reference with a little bit of my own spin! In all seriousness though, it’s a couple days until the Christmas festivities begin (if they haven’t already) and a good holiday outfit never goes unnoticed!

I compiled three outfits to feature for you all today in hopes of sparking some holiday outfit inspo so that you’re sure to be looking good when you see a bunch of people you don’t normally run into! Let’s get started!!

OUTFIT #1: A Fur-Sure Conversation Starter


Being put in a room with people that you may only see once a year, or only talk to when you’re at work can be tough. However, with a fur coat like this one, you’re sure to have plenty to chat about! I was given this fur coat so though I do not have the link to the exact one, here is one similar (the link is to a faux one!) I decided to pair it with a green velvet tank because not only is the green festive, but its just enough under the jacket without being too much. I paired my top half with my go-to black jeans, my black thigh high boots and a cute little silver bag with a bow on it! The key to holiday outfits is to look festive, but not in-your-face Christmassy! Keep it simple, but definitely dress for the occasion. 


OUTFIT #2: Jumping Into The Holidays


I saw this jumpsuit on Black Friday in Forever 21, and I instantly though “okay, I NEED this for the holiday season.” At that point, I did not even have any plans set in place for the season, but I knew whatever I was doing, this jumper was going to have to be involved. Because I had that experience, I KNEW I had to feature it on this what to wear guide. The jumper speaks for itself—it is a beautiful mauve color, it’s velvet, the pant leg is bell bottom and it has a cute tie, accentuating the best part of your waist. Because it is such a statement piece, I did not want to go too crazy with the rest of the outfit. I opted for a tan faux leather bomber jacket and tan pointed toe booties to go with it. If your event is at night, feel free to switch out the tan pieces for black! 


OUTFIT #3: Don’t Waist This Fuzzy Look


Now THIS is the ultimate Christmas look! I actually wore this skirt on Christmas day last year and never really thought to pair it with this top until recently! I think the top is so fun that it works as ‘festive‘ for this time of year, but simply ‘cool’ for any other time of year! It is extremely cropped, but some of the pictures make it look shorter than it actually is! This look is really simple—a fuzzy top (which btw you can find almost anywhere nowadays), a midi high waisted skirt, black tights and pointed toe heels—that is it! *I cannot find the top anywhere online, I was gifted it so long ago, sorry!!!*


Whatever you decide to wear during the holidays and through the new year, just remember to be yourself. If you want to try a look you aren’t sure of, tell yourself you are going to rock it and own it and guess what? You will! The key to style is to have confidence in what you’re wearing and to be comfortable with your choices. As we spring ahead to 2018, I want you to keep in mind that your personal style is yours, so own it!

Happiest of holidays to all my readers! I’ll post again before the new year. XOXO, Rae


7 thoughts on “What to Wear: Holiday Edition

  1. You are so right! The key to style is having the confidence to rock an outfit! xxx


    1. The only way to do it!! 💓💓

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Whooopeee33 Outfit # 3


  3. You look beautiful in all of the outfits.


  4. Rae, these outfits are wonderful! I love all of the different textures. I couldn’t agree with you more about rocking what you’re confident in.

    xo Logan


    1. Thank you so much!!! Confidence is key 💓💓

      Liked by 1 person

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