Gift Wrapping: Love It or Hate It


Hi everyone! It’s officially one week until Christmas, which means it’s about that time to quit procrastinating, and wrap those darn gifts! Over the years I’ve come to realize that people either LOVE to wrap or they absolutely dread it. Me? I love it! 

Ever since I was little, I always helped my mom and my grandma wrap gifts and I’ve come to enjoy it. There’s something completely satisfying about turing a gift you got someone into a pretty present and seeing it come together.

Since my wrapping technique works for me, I decided it is a good time to share it with all of you. Who is ready? Let’s get wrapping: 

Step 1: Gather your tools! All you really need is a pair of scissors, tape, the gift (of course), wrapping paper and some decorative string! My preference for wrapping paper is a thick paper because you have to get pretty rough with it, but I know there are thin papers out there.


Step 2: Time to size up your gift and see how much wrapping paper you really need. The key is not to over use, because then you’ll be left with a bunch of half awkward pieces that you wont know what to do with.


Step 3: Fold over one side to see how much you’ll need for the other side.


Step 4: Cut the other side according to how much of your gift is left over.


Step 5: Secure both sides with a piece of tape, covering your entire gift.


Step 6: Here comes the semi-hard part, the sides! My technique is to make a straight edge at each corner and then fold in. Once you’ve done the top, take the bottom and bring it up. Secure with a piece of tape and repeat on the other side!

Step 7: Here’s the fun part—dress up your gift as much as you’d like! This year I am going for a simple look so I have just been doing a nice ribbon on top. However, some other popular styles include adding a bow, doing a thicker ribbon and adding name stickers (which I also do, not shown here).

Step 8: To get my ribbon look, here’s how it works—start with the top side of your gift and put the center of the ribbon across, having equal lengths on both sides. Flip your gift over and cross, flip your gift back to the front and cross again, give it a good tie. Then, make a bow with it and take your scissors and curl up your ribbon.

You’re done! No one said it was simple, but if you follow these steps and the images, you’re off to a pretty good start.

What are some ways you wrap your gifts that are different to mine? Comment below!

Happy Wrapping! XOXO Rae

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