Cute & Casual

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Good morning loves!

Today I am bringing you a look that is both cute and casual! I think it’s super fun to dress up sometimes and super comfy to dress down—however, if you’re anything like me, it’s hard to find the balance in between. For this outfit I did a mixture of pieces. Comfy? The tee shirt & jeans! Cute? The jacket and thigh high boots! Let’s get into the details of this look!

I picked the sparkly jacket up at H&M for SO CHEAP! If you’re into it, click this link HERE— it’s on sale online right now for $7.99! I am here to tell you that it is so comfortable, it’s fully lined and pretty warm for being a crop, light jacket.

I paired the jacket with a tee shirt because I thought if they really contrast in their styles, it might end up looking really cute…and it did! This tee is comfortable and says “Espresso then Prosecco” (life). I got it from Old Navy, and though I can’t find the exact shirt, HERE is one that is cut the same, with a different graphic! (PS it’s on sale for $12!)

For the bottom half of this look, I did black jeans that have a nice stretch to them and my thigh high boots. I think that if I were to do a more formal blouse with this outfit, it would have a completely different look. However, since the tee shirt is paired with a sparkly jacket and thigh high boots with a heel, it has the exact feel I was going for. This is a perfect example of taking an outfit from day to night. If you were to wear this outfit during the day, all I’d suggest is bringing a blouse with you for the evening and swapping it out! It’s so important now to give options for a girl-on-the-go because that’s what we all are!

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