Faux & Fab


Hey loves!

Today I’m talking faux fur! I had a feeling faux fur was going to be in this year, and I was right! This jacket is really cute—but there’s a story behind it…of course! Back in September, I was gifted a gift card from Citizen’s Bank through social media, for Amazon! I was so excited, and wanted to use it to do a little Amazon clothing haul. I ordered three items, this coat being one of them. Two weeks after I ordered, the first two items came (from China) and they were so small, poor quality, and looking NOTHING like how they were displayed. This coat was shipped separately and JUST came last week!! Though it took a long time, I was really happy with the fact that it fit, it’s super cute and nice quality. Enough with the back story, let’s get into this look!

I did this look for lunch with my girlfriends, but with black jeans or a thigh high boot, one could totally make this look go from day to night simply. Here is the link to the jacket, which I paired with a white body suit that you can find here. For the bottom, I did my most causal and comfy jeans, and tan booties. I went with the tan booties only because it made it look super daytime, as opposed to black booties. My lip color is ‘Monday’ by Colourpop and my absolute fave daytime color. 

The jacket is such a statement piece, so if you do a jacket like this, keep the rest of the look really simple. I have a rule that I can only have one statement piece per look, and so far it’s worked out for me! As an example, I had a black wide brimmed hat with me this day, but with the color of the jacket and my hoop earrings, I opted to not wear it. 

ps. if you order this jacket, it will take a really long time to come in the mail, but it’s such a steal!

XO, Rae

IMG_3036 copy

IMG_3046 copy

IMG_3048 copy

IMG_3037 copy

IMG_3047 copy


3 thoughts on “Faux & Fab

  1. I LOVE this jacket!! Ordering overseas can be hit or miss, but this piece did not disappoint! I’ve wanted a fun faux fur jacket for a while, but haven’t found one I loved…I’ll have to check this one out, it fits you like a glove. XO


    1. Thank you!!! Definitely check it out, it may take forever to arrive but at least it was cute when it finally got here!! 💓


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