Be Bold

Photo by: Hiked Productions LLC

Welcome back, everyone!! I have been under the weather lately, but I am feeling much better today so I am inspired to write this blog post about being bold!

I am loving this outfit — it is simple, but has a bit of flare, so let’s get started talking about it.

I always start with a base for my outfits — something I know I want to base the rest of the look around. For this outfit, I really wanted to show of these booties because they are so cute and such a statement. From there, I knew I wanted to do dark jeans for a night time look and decided on no rips. I think rips are okay if your jeans are going to be the statement, but if you already have your statement, rips get to be a little too much. For the top, I again wanted to keep it simple so I did a lacy black tank with my go-to leather jacket.

I titled this post “Be Bold” because I think this outfit says ‘bold’. It is eye catching, has statement boots and it’s really classy but casual. Just like my last post, this look only consists of about 4 pieces — it may look like there is a lot to it, but really it isn’t. For the pieces in this look, check below the images and I will link similar items! 

Photo by: Hiked Productions LLC
Photo by: Hiked Productions LLC

Top: I originally got this top at Windsor for $2 on their sale rack and it has been such a staple in my wardrobe! Click for the link to a similar item: HERE

Jeans: These jeans are from American Eagle! Click here for them: HERE

Booties: These booties were actually a hand-me-down from a friend, but I have linked a similar pair here: HERE

Jacket: I got this jacket during my time abroad in Florence, Italy so although I cannot link the exact jacket, here’s a similar one: HERE


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