Playing With Neutrals


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted an outfit so here we are!

Today I am going to talk about mixing and matching neutral colors and playing around with them in your day-to-day outfits. Neutral colors are a beautiful thing to me because they can be inserted into almost every outfit. For me, they’re basically a staple!

In this outfit you can see that I started off with a black pair of jeans, I paired them with a sleeveless mock neck beige sweater and threw on my tan and black pointed toe booties. I then added a denim jacket to make the outfit tie together and give it an overall fall look.

At first look, this outfit may seem like it has many elements, but really, it only has 4 parts to it!

Mixing and matching neutrals can be a lot of fun! Sometimes, the simplest of outfits can take the most thought, but don’t think about it too much! I love mixing tan and black, white and black, brown and tan — and I’ve even been considering light pink a neutral these days! Throwing denim into the mix, adding a statement accessory or your favorite hand bag can be helpful to give the outfit a bit of personal flare.



Outfit details:

Shoes: Forever 21 (on Sale, $10 last year!) // Here’s a similar pair.

Top: Francesca’s // Here’s a similar one from Kohl’s.

Pants: Macy’s Backstage // Here’s a similar pair from Forever 21

Jacket: My mom’s closet // Here’s a similar one from the Gap



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