10 Times over the Past 10 Years Kim K was my Ultimate Fashion Inspo

If you know me, you know I love Kim K. Call me crazy, but I seriously love those Kardashian gals.

Why? Well, since they are coming up on their 10th year anniversary, that means I’ve been watching them on TV since I was 11 (yes, against my parents wishes and probably demands). However, all that aside, the Kardashians have the best style that is constantly changing with the trends, but they some how always manage to stay true to themselves. Not to mention, they are super confident in themselves, the shape of their bodies and work hard to get there.

Since they just came up on their 10th anniversary of Keeping up with the Kardashians, I thought I’d try a new type of post and do 10 times in the past 10 years that Kim K was my fashion spirit animal: lets get to it!

  1. 2007: Okay, looking at this complete outfit you may be thinking, what is she thinking saying this is fashion inspiration? In my defense, this is 2007 people!! We all either dressed like that or desperately wanted to (I was the latter, I was 11 years old). However, let’s zone in on the boots and the fur collar. Look familiar? That’s probably because the boots are back in, as are fur collars!


2. 2008: Aside from the oversized belt and her bag, I love everything about this look! Jumpsuits are totally in right now and I am sure this was an amazing look 9 years ago. I know I owned a couple of oversized belts that I thought were just amazing so, I am not surprised Kim K was sporting one of these. Plus, I always loved her long hair and the hoops.


3. 2009: I would wear this entire outfit tomorrow if you asked me to. Seriously, even this being 8 years ago, I still love everything about it! The white wrap dress fits her perfectly and the Hollywood waves in her hair fit for the occasion she was at, which was the 2009 Hollywood Style Awards.


4. 2010: This might be my favorite year of Kim, but we still have 7 more years so I’ll wait to call that. Either way, I had to pick 2 outfits for 2010 because they are equally adorable. I think that I would wear either outfit today, no exclusions!

5. 2011: Kim always knows the perfect balance between flirty and edgy. Back around 2010 and 2011, she was mixing ripped jeans with feminine tops, mixing leather jackets with more formal bottoms. I think a lot of what she was doing at this time with style is where I took an interest in her and how I wanted to style myself — that is why I say again, I would wear these looks from 2011, today.

6. 2012: The year of the bun! If you know anything else about me, you know my love for buns. I literally started doing teased top knots back in high school because of Kim Kardashian and I still do them to this day. It is nice to look back at pics of her rockin’ the bun with killer outfits that include statement jackets.

7. 2013: Kim goes blond for the first time, and still manages to have major fashion moments including: the tan camel coat and the suede black dress…I am in LOVE!

8. 2014: If you also notice, Kim’s hair styles are very constant year to year. We just looked back at her rocking the bun in 2012 and this year, we see a lot of the low ponytail, another look I love to mimic. Kim is professional chic in these images, and always manages to put her own flare on it.

9. 2015: She even manages to make comfy look cute! Kim has never been the type to rock sweatpants (well, nowadays she does, with heels of course), but even back in early 2000s her idea of comfy was Juicy velour sweatsuits. Now, in 2015, she resorts to graphic tees and ripped jeans…love. Also: that middle part though.

10. 2016: We’re up to date, and still I feel like I left out SO many good outfits. In 2016, we really see Kim’s style start to change. I think it somewhat has to do with Kanye having his own line so she is incorporating his style into hers, but she is still Kim K. We see her in her classic skirt and crop top, but with an oversized denim on top and in the other phone, we see a date night outfit that has a Kim K flirt to it.

If you liked this post, tell me you did and don’t forget to say bible.



2 thoughts on “10 Times over the Past 10 Years Kim K was my Ultimate Fashion Inspo

  1. hahah girl i love kim k too! she really influences my style as well! loved reading this post 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you so much!! I love Kim K!! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

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