Getting Fuzzy with Fall

Photo by: Hailey Wilson, Hiked Productions Co.

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a good couple of weeks and are ready for the fall season!

I don’t know where all of my readers are from, but I will tell you that here in New England, we still don’t know whether it is fall or summer! Luckily, we are about to find out because the weather forecast is looking especially chilly this week…yay!

With that being said, let’s dive into this ultra fall look!

First of all, I did a thing…I cut my hair and died it back to brown, my natural color! I am so excited to be back to brown, I am feeling quite like myself.

So, this statement vest I got as a Christmas present last year so this is the first time I am actually having it for fall and I already know it is going to get a lot of wear. These types of vests are called “Shearling Vests” and I got this one at Target. (I cannot find an exact one, but here is the link to a really similar one!)

Photo by: Hailey Wilson, Hiked Productions Co.

Underneath, I always pair it with either a long sleeve white tee or a black one, depending on the look I am going for. I always get my basics at H&M! Here’s the link to a really good H&M basic.

For the pants, I thought I’d make the outfit even more fun and flirty, so I paired the vest with ripped jeans that I got at Charlotte Russe back in August. They were only $25, and are my favorite pair of jeans. The jeans are stretchy, light, and don’t fall down…oh, and the best part? They have that cute little fringe at the bottom! Here’s the link!

The shoes on this look at from Windsor, and I’ve had them for a couple of seasons so they are quite worn out — I am definitely going to go back there to get another pair because I feel that black booties are such a staple. Link to a similar pair here!

Photo by: Hailey Wilson, Hiked Productions Co.

Thank’s for stopping by today! There are more fall looks to come this week! Photos are by Hailey Wilson, founder and owner of Hiked Productions Co. Check her out on her website here and follow her on Instagram @hikedproductionsco to see more of her awesome photography! She is based in Connecticut…and awesome (:




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