My September Faves

IMG_1656You guys! How am I already reflecting back on September? The month just flew by. Luckily for me (and I hope you too) I had a really good month! So much has happened this past month: I moved into my senior year of college, I started a new internship, I attended StyleWeek Northeast and Her Campus College Fashion Week…whoa.

Not only has September been good for the mind, it’s been good for the closet…and the makeup drawer, which I assume you could tell from my last post (aka goodie bag!)

Anyways, I would like to wrap up the month as any fashion/beauty obsessed human would do — that’s right, it’s time for my faves of this month. Here we go!

IMG_1670First up it’s Dangerous Affair by Ciate London. This nail color is perfect for fall too so I will definitely be wearing it through the rest of 2017 because (hello holiday color!) First off, it goes on really smooth, which is definitely something I look for in a nail polish. There is nothing worse than wanting to quickly paint your nails, but you have to deal with nail polish that does not cooperate. I definitely recommend not only this type of color, but Ciate London.


IMG_1676Next we have Quipid Peep Toe Mules that are from Charlotte Russe. I got my first pair of mules for the summer at Forever 21 and I loved them so much — they were different, tan, suede material and even had a cute low heel. However, I wore them like crazy this summer so I figured I’d better get another pair while they’re on sale at Charlotte so these babies were only $11.99 and still are so get them at the link above!! I am loving mules lately and TBH thought I’d be putting them away and saving them for next summer but they totally got a lot of wear this September.

IMG_1678So now we are at Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner! What a mouthful, but it is so worth it! I got these gems in my goodie bag from StyleWeek Northeast and they are actual lifesavers. For some reason my hair is so bad when I am at school, I am not sure if it is the water, but these products are bringing me back. You can actually purchase full sized bottles of this product at Sephora and I put the link above. Seriously, do yourself and your hair a favor and try them out.

IMG_1679Okay so we all know my love for Colourpop, it really is no surprise so here it goes: Monday by Colourpop is SO a fall color. I am glad I got to wear it a ton in September, but I can’t wait to keep wearing it throughout the next months. It is perfect for that everyday look, but with the right outfit, you can hit the town at night with it too.



IMG_1686As you may remember from my last post, here is the Maybelline Master Fairy Highlight by Face Studio that is seriously cool. The highlighter is actually purple when you look at it, but is totally mystical and magical when you apply it. You can just swipe your beauty blender across the rainbow, swipe it on those cheekbones and voila, you’ve got yourself a magical highlight my friends.



IMG_1687Lastly — my Steve Madden bag that came inside a bag. Yes, that’s right! My go to purse actually came as an extra bag inside the tote I recently bought for school. It is so crazy that literally the bag I get so many compliments on, I was unaware I was even getting it. This bag was surely a pop of color for mostly all my outfits in September, and I am totally not ready to retire it for the season yet…so I won’t. I don’t have an exact link, but my advice would be to get yourself a pop of color bag, they’re really fun!

I hope you enjoyed my September FAVES! Click any of the links so you yourself can have faves.

Until next month (tomorrow!)



2 thoughts on “My September Faves

  1. Those shoes are so cute! Love your blog girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg thank you!! Heading over to your blog right now (:


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