Making the Summer to Fall Transition Pt. 3!


What’s up everyone! It’s been a couple of days since I posted parts 1 and 2 of this amazing transition series I planned for you — I just moved into my senior year of college at Roger Williams University so I have been so busy.

Aside from that, let’s get to talking about this outfit that I am so in love with. The best part? Both parts of this look, (jumpsuit and shoes) came from 2 of my most favorite boutiques that I cannot wait to rave about to you guys!!

Why this look works for the transition: The jumpsuit (which you can see all about where I got it below) is a heavier fabric but it is completely open in the front (hello breeze) and the sleeves are rolled so it is a lighter look. The shoes are an interesting twist on regular flats and they expose a lot of the foot so I think I will only be able to get away with them until October. I think mixing two pieces that work for summer and early fall make for the perfect transition outfit! I did no jewelry with this because I wanted it to be all about these two statement pieces and I also did a slicked down pony to add to the simplicity.

Keep scrolling for my rave on where I got these pieces!! Also S/O to Colourpop Cosmetics for this AMAZING lip color! Check them out here:





This jumpsuit came from Camouflage Boutique in North Haven, Connecticut, check them out at their website here and their Instagram, @camoinmycloset! They have the best pieces and I like to go there if I have a special event or trip. I always think of Camo when I want something that will stand out and be different than everyone else. I got this jumpsuit on sale at their annual Tent Sale — I make sure that date is always on my calendar.

These amazing and different shoes are so special to me because I got them when I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach at a store called Ivy and Leo. After doing some research when I fell in love with the store (and went back a day later to get more pieces), I found that they have 7 locations in both Carolina’s! Check them out at their online store and on Instagram @ivyandleo!

Happy Summer/Fall!



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