Making the Summer to Fall Transition Pt. 2!


Not only is it Fri-yay, but it is also time for Part 2 of my outfit transitions from summer to fall!

Let’s jump right into it!

I think that this outfit works for the transition because it is a little warmer but with the rolled jeans and the heeled clogs (that are open back) I think this can still pass for early fall. The top is not heavy enough to call it a sweater but it is definitely a little warmer — however, the sheer sleeves keep it light. I am really obsessed with this top from New York & Company (I linked a similar top from the same collection) because it is so versatile — I originally got it to wear to my internship (which I am going to do), but I think it is fun and flirty enough to pair with jeans or even a longer pencil skirt.




I ended up pairing this outfit with gold accessories though the sleeves and my hair in the photos cover everything I chose. I would definitely still wear the same accessories out because with the flow of the sleeves, the accessories would be seen.

The shoes in this look are a whole other story — I was given these heeled clogs by a co-worker this summer because I fell in love with her brown pair and she kindly ended up gifting me both the brown and the black pair! They are Ralph Lauren and I tried my hardest to find them online but I just couldn’t. However, I really like how clogs look and I think they may be coming back  — either way, I’ll be sporting both my brow and black pair!

Photos are again by the amazing and brilliant Hailey Wilson, owner of Hiked Productions Co. Refer to my last post for my RAVE on her work! Click the link and check her out on Instagram @hikedproductionsco to see her great work.


5 thoughts on “Making the Summer to Fall Transition Pt. 2!

  1. That’s a great fall look? Love it. Thanks for following 😀


      1. Pleasure Rachel ☺️


  2. Hi Rachel. I liked your blogs. Good job and nice pics! Love, Mom




    1. Thanks mom (: ❤


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