Making the Summer to Fall Transition Pt. 1



My favorite time of year is approaching — the transition from summer to fall! The weather is a little cooler, pumpkin everything is BACK and fashion is at an all time high (no coats, darker colors come back AND you can still get away with sandals!).

I also want to take a moment to talk about the photos that go along with this post — they were taken by Hailey Wilson, owner of Hiked Productions Co. based in Connecticut! She is an extremely talented photographer and I am so beyond lucky to have witnessed her work. Click the link to explore more of her photos and I promise you’ll be so impressed! I live for working with other people and being able to support other’s dreams and journey’s.

Let’s talk about this outfit!

I frequently hear how a lot of women don’t know what to do when it’s summer but almost fall and they want to wear jeans or long pants or darker colors but don’t want to look as we call it, “weather confused”. The inspiration behind this post is to buckle down and figure out how to dress during seasonal transition periods.


Why it works for summer: this look works for summer because the pants are light in color but also in weight — they are pretty flowing and can keep you cool  in the heat. Not to mention, my shoes are a darker tan and open toe.

Why it works for fall: the look also works for fall because of the color and style of the shirt. I am loving mauve lately because it is so versatile. The shirt is a little heavier material and you wouldn’t need a sweater with it.

Why it works for the summer fall transition: mesh together the reasons why it works for individual seasons and there you have it! I am not going to lie, it is not easy to find an outfit that works for two seasons but that is why I am hoping this post helps you for the next time you need outfit inspiration.

Check out some more pics below and links for this outfit!




Top: This top is from Marshalls but since they are not online, I linked a top like it from Kohl’s!

Pants: These pants were from Forever 21 — they were so cheap and I honestly get so much wear out of them! I linked a pair I found that are close to the ones I am wearing.

Shoes: I am linking the exact shoes I am wearing but now, Charlotte Russe only has them in Mauve which I think are equally nice!!

Jewels: Here is a necklace like the one I am wearing!



4 thoughts on “Making the Summer to Fall Transition Pt. 1

  1. Another great look, it’s nice to see natural 😊


  2. I love that these colors are easily embellished with all sorts of accessories and a sweater or jacket when cooler breezes blow. Neutrals are my fav 😊 Nice job and your photographer is classy too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you!!


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