Light Summer Makeup!

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post but I got some inspo today when my Ipsy Glam Bag came in the mail.


I’ve been a subscriber to Ipsy for a really long time and I just love everything they are about — not to mention, when the little metallic bag comes in the mail every month, it practically feels like a mini Christmas morning.

Since I loved literally everything in my glam bag this month, I decided to do a little review/how to on light summer makeup courtesy of Ipsy’s awesome product picks.

Lets get started!

IMG_0686First start with a bare face! I use Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer every day and it is sold everywhere – I usually get it at my local Walmart and have been using it ever since my dermatologist recommended it to me a couple years back. It is definitely worth the money and it usually lasts me 6 months!



IMG_0687Next I usually do a concealer but this time I wanted to try the product I got in my Ipsy Glam Bag. This is called Aurora Pro Color Corrector and I got the color Pistachio. It looks kind of strange because it is green but green actually cancels our red so it is perfect for red spots, pimples and dark circles. Coincidently, when I was in high school I used to use a green eyeshadow I had (don’t know why I had green) but I used it to cancel out the redness in pimples so this product is genious! I let it sit on my face too long and it got crumbly when I rubbed it in so I had to restart and rub it in immediately after application so keep that in mind! Other than that, I will be using this product as part of my routine!

IMG_0688Lately I have been using Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in place of foundation since it is summertime so I used my blender sponge directly after the green color corrector and then applied another product from the glam bag — Hikari Shimmer Bronzer in Flush. I am definitely going to have to play around with this bronzer because I originally was going to put it all over my face but decided to start with the cheekbones and thank goodness because it is quite pinky and shimmery – I think I will continue to use this product as a tinted high lighter rather than a bronzer. I also may decide to isolate the colors of the bronzer pallet and try one of the nude colors on my entire face. Thankfully, I really enjoyed this product as a high lighter!

IMG_0697I do eyebrows and eyes next though I know a lot of makeup people do eyes first? I never really understood that and am a routine gal so here I kept it simple, I used theBalm Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Kuwakaribisha across my entire lid for the sake of it being summer and being simple on the eyes. For eyebrows I used my all time favorite product that came from Ipsy last month and it is the Chella Eyebrow Cream in Tantalizing Taupe — it is an angled brush applicator and cream and it is TO DIE FOR!

Here is my final look — after the shadow and brows I added my new liquid eyeliner from Steve Laurant and this product is also amazing — it is a pre-moistened fine tip and I like it more than others I’ve tried because it is a hard tip and does not bend which can cause error when applying the wing. I try not to extend the wing too much because I think it is classier and lighter when it’s just a small wing at the end of your line. I finished off my look with my signature nude lip liner which I filled in my lips with spastically too. This is nice because it’s not a full lip but it is just enough.

How do you do summer make up? Let me know!!

XO Rae


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