Spring Beauty Roundup

Currently: April 26 @ 10 p.m. — Spring Beauty Roundup

Hi, everyone! The weather has been terrible here in Rhode Island but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about the summer and how great it will feel once it gets here!

Spring Beauty Roundup

I am really hoping April showers bring May flowers! In the meantime, however, I decided to gather some of my favorite products currently that are getting me thinking of summer, while spring is still here.


So lets get started!

Tinted Sunless Tanning by Ulta — you can even slip clothes on right after using it because it dries almost instantly!


This self tanner is a favorite of mine because it is more of a gel and less of a lotion. I feel that the gel spreads easier and you are not left with streaks because it goes on more evenly. Plus, an added benefit is that it has a really nice subtle scent that is not to perfume-y.

I tried to find the link to this product for you guys but it seems as though Ulta does not have it on their website. Either way, here is a link to Ulta’s more updated sunless tanners — look out for the gels over lotion in any brand.

defy & Inspire — Water Resistant Nail Lacquer 


Every month I get a little something in the mail because I subscribe to Ipsy. It is a company that sends you about 5 products in really cute bags and I really love getting one each month.

A lot of time they will send me something I wouldn’t have thought of trying but since I got it, I’ll try it. Ipsy named this polish a ‘Must Try Color’ and I have to agree!

I definitely feel like these hot pastels will be making a comeback for this spring/summer because everyone is tired of the nudes at this point though (I don’t think I ever will be!)

Ciate London: Mini Bamboo Bronzer: Must have

IMG_8786 (1)IMG_8788 (2)I got this product via Ipsy as well and I cannot get enough of it. I am always looking for new bronzers to try out because a lot of time they will be too dark for my fair skin.

This bronzer by Ciate, though is perfect for spring and summer because it is super lightweight and has a warmth to it without looking too dark. It is definitely for a natural day and I usually do a couple swipes over concealer on the way to class!

Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel

IMG_8789 (1)

This is a great product for me and I am usually really skeptical about trying new products on my face because I have super sensitive skin. However, this is awesome because it freshens up my face after a shower and I can tell it is going to be perfect for after a day at the beach this summer.

I usually only like to moisturize once a day so this aloe is good because I don’t consider it a moisturizer, as much as a refresher. It is not heavy at all and I actually can’t wait to use it tomorrow. It also clears up all those dry patches from this winter!

DW Home: White Rose Candle 


So this isn’t so much of a product but I definitely would say it adds to my nightly routine after a shower and before bed.

If you’re like me then you go through Marshalls and TJ Maxx and sniff around the candle section for fun. Well, I was doing that once and completely fell in love with the scent of this candle.

The funny thing about this candle is that it smells more when I just have the top off, rather than when I am actually burning it — so that’s a little sad. However, this brand candle is all throughout Marshalls and TJ’s and they are fairly cheap and come in smaller sizes so it wouldn’t hurt to pick one up and try it for yourself, maybe some of the other scents smell more. I am more of a light scent gal myself so I don’t mind that it isn’t too stinky.


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