How to: Preparing for your summer wardrobe

Currently: April 10 @ 6 p.m. — How to: Preparing for your best summer wardrobe

Samantha Kristiansen

Here are somethings I do when I feel the seasons changing. In this case we are going from winter to spring/summer (can I get an Amen!)

  • Make a list of items you would like to add to the pieces you currently own for the upcoming season
    • To get inspiration for what you might want or need, I advise you to go window shopping, head over to your favorite store’s websites and browse the new arrivals section, or ask friends what they plan on buying for the upcoming season
  • Figure out what worked for you last year, and what didn’t work (aka, what did you spend money on and not wear?)
    • As an example of this, I know that teeny-tiny jean shorts are not my best friend when it comes to the humid days, they are just so uncomfortable. Because of this, I am excited to try the new trend that the Kardashians are sporting a lot, and that is the denim Bermuda shorts. These pair from Forever 21 are already on my wish list
  • Go through what you have and find what needs to be throw away due to being over-worn last season
    • I know that I need all new pairs of flat sandals because mine get scuffed easily (I trip on my own feet a lot). The ones I do own, I’ve owned for two summers already — though its a pain to go out and buy all new sandals, you’ll thank yourself later
    • IMG_8626
      Check out the scuffs at the toe!!
  • Going on a trip? You might want to add some specialty pieces to your wardrobe so you can pack them later in the season
    • For me, I know that I want a long, open front cover up for my cruise I am going on in June, as well as a couple more bathing suits (I have a goal to have a  different bathing suit for each day of the cruise)
    • If you keep a list, you can check off what you already have and that will make it seem like you don’t have as much shopping to do as you originally thought you would. Plus, it is a good way to keep a log of what you want. If you’re like me, you will think of something you need at a very random time in the day or night and just want to write it down.
    • IMG_8627

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